Early Grad Transfer Commits

College football is reaching the end of the regular season, and we’re already seeing grad transfer commits for 2019. Here are the announcements we’ve seen so far.

Manny Bowen, a linebacker, is taking his graduate transfer from Penn State to Utah.

D’Andre Plantin, an offensive lineman, will grad transfer from Virginia Tech to North Texas.

And Steven Nixon, a long snapper, has committed as a grad transfer to Georgia, where he’ll head after finishing his degree at Mercer. We love FCS to FBS grad transfers!

The most recent grad transfers

We’re almost done with October, and we’ve seen a couple more college football players eligible for graduate transfer.

Manny Bowen, a reserve linebacker, is leaving the Penn State squad to preserve his last year of eligibility. He will finish his degree, graduate in December, and be eligible for a new school in January.

D’Andre Plantin, a reserve offensive lineman, is done playing at Virginia Tech. He’ll be eligible for a graduate transfer in the spring.

Also, Justice Shelton-Mosley, a wide receiver, could be a graduate transfer from Harvard. There’s no indication that Shelton-Mosley is looking for a grad transfer, but he’s not eligible to return to the Crimson because of Ivy League injury rules.

McMillian taking grad transfer to Colorado

One of the first names on the board, Travon McMillian, is taking a grad transfer to Colorado. McMillian was a solid role player for Virginia Tech, rushing for 2,152 yards in his career. But his production has waned with the new coaching staff, and he's looking for a new opportunity with the Buffaloes. It's an interesting fit - Colorado's running back job is wide open, and it seems like McMillian has every chance to win the starting job.