A few more grad transfers to be

Over the last week or so, we’ve had a couple of guys reach out to us to help publicize their decisions to use the graduate transfer rule. We’re always happy to comply.

College football coaches, keep an eye out for these guys:

Ceejhay French-Love, a tight end out of Arizona State

Ean Pfeifer, an offensive lineman turned tight end out of Vanderbilt

We’ll be adding links to highlight tape soon.

Coaches, reach out if you’re interested. We’re happy to help you get in touch.

Grad transfers, let us know if you’ve decided to make a move. Coaches are always looking out our site!

College football grad transfers already coming in

A rule change this off-season means guys can redshirt, even after playing 3 or 4 games. The rule is meant for younger players, but we’re starting to see older players taking advantage. We’re seeing players who have found their roles diminished and are deciding to sit out the rest of the season, finishing their degrees, and having eligibility to graduate transfer elsewhere next season.

Here’s the list of players who have thus far made the decision to find a new opportunity next season:

Jalen Harris, Tight End, Auburn

Jalen McCleskey, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State

Jonathan Nance, Wide Receiver, Arkansas

Remus Bulmer, Running Back, Sam Houston St

Stay tuned - there’s certainly going to be more additions before the regular season is over.

Getting caught up on college football news

Quite a few grad transfers to note in college football this week.

Georgia Tech added two FCS graduate transfers this week. Malik Rivera, a defensive back, will grad transfer in from Wofford. Zach Roberts, a long snapper, is taking his grad transfer from Lamar. We always love seeing FCS guys getting a chance at a big time school thanks to the graduate transfer rule!

Will Gragg, a tight end, will grad transfer from Arkansas to Pitt. He has two years of college football remaining.

Andrew Mike, an offensive lineman, will take graduate transfer from Florida to Rice.

Nick Watkins, a defensive back, is heading to Houston, having taken his grad transfer from Notre Dame.

Brinkley Jolly, an offensive lineman, is taking his graduate transfer from Wyoming to SMU.

Getting caught up on football

A couple of committed grad transfers have been added to the college football list.

Bailey Granier, an offensive lineman, is taking a graduate transfer from Vanderbilt to Central Florida. He's the rare de-commit, having previously been a committed as a grad transfer to Tulane.

Keenan Sweeney, a running back / tight end, will take a grad transfer from Auburn to Notre Dame.

Football updates include former basketball player

The latest college football grad transfer news includes the rare athlete who is switching sports.

Ahmad Wagner, formerly a forward for the Iowa college basketball team, is taking a grad transfer to play tight end at Kentucky, Read more about his change in sports here.

Other committed graduate transfers added to the list are:

Danny Sutton, punter, Maryland to New Mexico

Tony Lashley, linebacker, Idaho to Boise State

Additionally, Dallas Warmack, an offensive lineman from Alabama, is now on the potential grad transfer list.

Bunting announces grad transfer destination

Ian Bunting, a tight end, is taking his graduate transfer from Michigan to California. Bunting was a hulking presence for the Wolverines and served as more of a blocker than pass catcher, pulling down ten passes in his career. He has one year of college football left, and from the sound of it, he'll be a traditional tight end for the Golden Bears.

Two SEC giants land grad transfers

Alabama has taken on their second graduate transfer this off-season. Gardner Minshew, a quarterback, joins the Crimson Tide from East Carolina. While other schools kicked the tires around Minshew, he's been linked to Alabama from day one. He's from Mississippi and played his college football in the JUCO ranks there before heading to East Carolina, so this move makes sense. He's likely being brought in for depth, as Alabama is currently a bit light when it comes to QB's. Minshew has a year of eligibility remaining, with the potential for a second year.

Meanwhile, Trevor Wood is taking his grad transfer to Texas A&M. Wood saw time at both tight end and on the defensive line for Arizona, but he's heading to College Station to play on offense. He was a role player for the Wildcats, but figures to be right in the mix under the new Aggies staff.

Oliver commits and other notes

Khalil Oliver, formerly an Oregon defensive back, is taking a graduate transfer to Missouri. He appeared in 23 games for the Ducks and was a starter before his 2017 season was cut short because of injury. Oliver has one year of college football eligibility left, but a hardship waiver may get him a second year for the Tigers.

Also, note that former Clemson Tigers Shadell Bell and C.J. Fuller are on the Potential Transfers list. Bell, a tight end, had one career catch in twelve career games. He has two years of eligibility remaining after he takes his grad transfer. Fuller, a running back, was the starter for the 2017 season, but was soon passed on the depth chart. He has one year of eligibility left.

Graduate transfers from South Florida and Iowa

Iowa is losing another quarterback this cycle. Ryan Boyle, a former Iowa high school player of the year, struggled to find the field during his tenure as a Hawkeye. He played both QB and wide receiver in order to find playing time, but saw the field only once in three years. He'll graduate in the spring and have two years of college football eligibility once he takes his grad transfer.

Meanwhile, Kano Dillon, a rotation tight end, is leaving South Florida. He's taking his grad transfer after a career where he put up big numbers very early on. He never broke out after a big debut, and he's looking for another opportunity for 2018. He has one year of elibility left.

Latest graduate transfers staying on trend

Two more additions to the transfer lists tonight, and both of them may sound like something you've already heard this off-season.

The first is a Division II kicker taking a graduate transfer to a school in Louisiana. Bailey Hale is leaving Eastern New Mexico to play college football for Louisiana Tech. He has two years of eligibility remaining. 

The second is Ian Bunting, a Tight End, who is taking his grad transfer from Michigan. Bunting was a rotation player at Michigan, which still has 6 (!?) tight ends on the roster, so it's likely he's looking for more reps for his final year of eligibility. Bunting is the fifth player to leave Michigan as a grad transfer this off-season.

Wood leaving Arizona

Trevor Wood, a tight end who saw some time on the defensive line this year, is planning to take a graduate transfer and play college football elsewhere next year. Wood, whose career has been plagued by injuries and an unfavorable offense, told the Arizona Daily Star that his transfer had nothing to do with Rich Rodriguez leaving. Wood had 63 yards on 9 catches in his career. He also stood out on defense for the Wildcats down the stretch this year after being forced into action on the defensive line due to injury.

Trevor Wood hopes to transfer to his new school for the spring semester.