Monday's football news

A couple of grad transfer updates for college football.

Sterling Johnson, a defensive lineman, is taking a graduate transfer from Clemson to Coastal Carolina.

Also, writers for Utah State report that Jalen Green, a wide receiver, has taken his grad transfer from USC to Utah State. This is surprising - Green was originally committed to Illinois.

Finally, Keyan Williams, a wide receiver ,will take a graduate transfer from Nebraska.

Joly and Johnson looking to take graduate transfers

Marcel Joly, a depth running back at Iowa, is taking a grad transfer for the 2018 season. Joly made a couple of appearances in 2015, but hasn't been able to climb the depth chart since. Also, his 2017 was cut short due to injury.  He has one year of eligibility remaining to reboot his college football career.

Meanwhile, Sterling Johnson, a rotation defensive lineman at Clemson, is also looking to take a graduate transfer. Johnson appeared in  eleven games for the Tigers this season, recording 14 tackles and two sacks in 2017. He was a high school All-American, so the talent is there. And Johnson still has time to make an impact - he's got two years of eligiblity remaining.