Updates to the basketball lists

Getting caught up on grad transfers for college basketball:

Brock Stull, a guard, is taking a graduate transfer from Wisconsin-Milwaukee to Minnesota.

Chris Howell, a guard at South Dakota State, will be a grad transfer to Jackson State.

Connor MacDougall, a forward, will grad transfer from New Mexico to Utah Valley.

Shea Feehan, a guard, will be a graduate transfer from DIII Eureka to Evansville.

Jafar Kinsey, a guard, will take a grad transfer from North Dakota.

Kevin Scott, a forward, is seeking to grad transfer after spending most of his career at Texas Southern.

More guards on the transfer list

It's halftime of the National Title Game, so it's a good time to update you on the college basketball graduate transfers that came in today. If your team is looking for guards, here are a couple more to consider:

Nick Norton, Guard, UAB

Robert Cartwright, Guard, Stanford

Trevor John, Guard, Cal Poly

Chris Howell, Guard, South Dakota State