Football updates include former basketball player

The latest college football grad transfer news includes the rare athlete who is switching sports.

Ahmad Wagner, formerly a forward for the Iowa college basketball team, is taking a grad transfer to play tight end at Kentucky, Read more about his change in sports here.

Other committed graduate transfers added to the list are:

Danny Sutton, punter, Maryland to New Mexico

Tony Lashley, linebacker, Idaho to Boise State

Additionally, Dallas Warmack, an offensive lineman from Alabama, is now on the potential grad transfer list.

Additions to the football list

Camp season is over, and college football players are once again on the move. Here are the latest graduate transfers.

Isaiah Gentry-Madaris, a wide receiver, is taking his grad transfer from Minnesota to Miami of Ohio.

Tabari Hines, also a wide receiver, will be a graduate transfer to Oregon after spending his first four years at Wake Forest.

And Ryan Boyle is on the "Other Grad Transfers" list, as he will play quarterback for Indiana State next season, after taking his degree from Iowa.


Basketball transfers keep rolling in

Four more committed graduate transfers in the college basketball ranks today:

Jack Williams, Forward, Pacific to Montana

Larry Austin Jr, Guard, Vanderbilt to Central Michigan

Aleks Abrams, Forward, Cal Poly to Miami (Ohio)

Brady Ellingson, Guard, Iowa to Drake

Today's basketball grad transfers (so far)

Brady Ellingson, a guard from Iowa, is taking his graduate transfer this summer. Ellingson was a role player for the Hawkeyes over three seasons, averaging about 3 points in his career over 94 games. He took a redshirt after suffering a foot injury his freshman year. He has one year of college basketball remaining.

Ar'Mond Davis, a guard from Alabama, is also taking a grad transfer. He missed this season with an injury and has a year of eligibility left. He averaged 6 points a game for the Tide in his one healthy season.

Cheddi Mosely, a Boston University guard, will transfer after graduating this spring. He averaged 10.6 points a game in his career, spanning 72 games. His senior year was cut short, allowing him a final year of eligibility.

Joseph Chartouny is taking his graduate transfer from Fordham. He's graduating in the spring (in three years) and has one year of eligibility left.  He's likely going to be a sought after prospect - he's averaged more than 10 points per game every year of his college basketball career.

Joly and Johnson looking to take graduate transfers

Marcel Joly, a depth running back at Iowa, is taking a grad transfer for the 2018 season. Joly made a couple of appearances in 2015, but hasn't been able to climb the depth chart since. Also, his 2017 was cut short due to injury.  He has one year of eligibility remaining to reboot his college football career.

Meanwhile, Sterling Johnson, a rotation defensive lineman at Clemson, is also looking to take a graduate transfer. Johnson appeared in  eleven games for the Tigers this season, recording 14 tackles and two sacks in 2017. He was a high school All-American, so the talent is there. And Johnson still has time to make an impact - he's got two years of eligiblity remaining.

Graduate transfers from South Florida and Iowa

Iowa is losing another quarterback this cycle. Ryan Boyle, a former Iowa high school player of the year, struggled to find the field during his tenure as a Hawkeye. He played both QB and wide receiver in order to find playing time, but saw the field only once in three years. He'll graduate in the spring and have two years of college football eligibility once he takes his grad transfer.

Meanwhile, Kano Dillon, a rotation tight end, is leaving South Florida. He's taking his grad transfer after a career where he put up big numbers very early on. He never broke out after a big debut, and he's looking for another opportunity for 2018. He has one year of elibility left.

Wiegers Leaves Iowa for Eastern Michigan

Tyler Wiegers, a redshirt junior quarterback, is leaving the Big Ten for Ypsilanti as a graduate transfer. Wiegers, a Detroit native, played in four games for the Hawkeyes over four years. He challenged for the starting job this year, but was ultimately beaten out - but he did manage to throw a touchdown pass against Illinois. The Eagles are looking to replace a senior quarterback, so it's likely Wiegers will get a chance to earn the starting job.

Wiegers has graduated from Iowa and is already enrolled at EMU.