College football grad transfers from the last few days

Here's the latest college football grad transfers that we've come across.

Berkley Edwards, a running back, will graduate transfer from Central Michigan to Michigan.

Giovanni Gentosi, a running back / full back, will grad transfer from UCLA to Rice.

Andrew Brown, a defensive back, is taking a grad transfer from Florida International to FCS Tennessee-Chattanooga.

Gio Gentosi seeking grad transfer

Gentosi, a fullback from UCLA, is looking to take a graduate transfer for his last season of eligibility. We talked to Gio about his decision.

UCLA underwent a coaching change this off-season, and Gio told us the new offense being installed doesn't offer many opportunities for fullbacks. Gentosi can also play tight end, but he would to prefer play out of the backfield.

Gio is graduating in the spring and is hoping to to pursue a Master's Degree in business. He's open to playing college football pretty much anywhere in the U.S.

Get a look of Gio's tape here, and feel free to contact us below for more information.