Cole Sterns to take grad transfer

Cole Sterns reached out to us to announce that he intends to use his graduate transfer for the 2018 season. Cole played defensive back for Northern Arizona for three seasons and can play at corner, nickel, or safety. Have a look at his tape.

He's graduating this spring, and he is open to heading anywhere in the US. He's just looking for another year of college football.

Coaches, feel free to reach out to us if interested. We'll be happy to get you in touch.

Scott Pagano Leaving Clemson

Scott Pagano, a rotation player on the defensive line for the last two seasons, is moving on. Pagano started 13 games over 2 seasons, although his 2016 season was hampered by injury. Pagano was expected to compete for a full time starting job for the 2017 season, but instead is expected to move to the West Coast, closer to his native Hawaii.