This week's college basketball grad transfers

Getting you caught up on college basketball grad transfers:

Jalyn Patterson, a guard, will grad transfer from LSU to Texas Southern.

Ryan Johnson, a wing, is using his graduate transfer to move to Delaware after finishing his degree at Mercer.

Adonis De La Rosa, a center, has announced his grad transfer from Kent State to Illinois.

Jarrett Givens, a guard, will graduate transfer from DII Adams St to Austin Peay.

Shadrac Casimir, a guard, is taking the grad transfer route from Iona to Florida-Gulf Coast.

Matz Stockman, a center, will be a graduate transfer from Minnesota to Cal.

And Ehab Amin, a guard, will grad transfer from Texas A&M-Corpus-Christi to Oregon.

Darius Wade off the board

The former Boston College QB had announced his intention to take a graduate transfer, but he instead going the FCS route. Wade will be playing his college football at Delaware next year. The Blue Hens are rebuilding and looking for a quarterback, while Wade is a Delaware native. Seems like a logical move for both parties.

For this site's purposes, Wade does not count as a graduate transfer because moving down a division, from FBS to FCS, at any point in a player's career does not force a player to sit out a season.