A busy Monday for football

A bit of activity for college football as spring practices start to wind up.

Two grad transfer commits today:

V.J. Banks, DB, Rice to Colorado State. Banks is the fourth Rice player to commit elsewhere as a grad transfer this spring.

Seth Collins, WR, Oregon State to Texas Tech.

One potential grad transfer:

Abraham Wallace, DB, Texas Tech. This one is a bit murky, as Wallace already took a grad transfer to get to Texas Tech. But if he's completed an advanced degree, it seems reasonable that he's eligible again.

Catching up on football grad transfers

We've added two players to the Committed Transfers list on the college football side.

Dominique Heath, formerly of Kansas State, is taking his graduate transfer to Appalachian State. As a North Carolina native, he's now closer to home. A wide receiver, Heath put up nearly a thousand yards receiving in his career, plus had success returning kicks. He has one year of eligibility left.

T.J. Roundtree, an offensive lineman, is taking his grad transfer from Louisville and heading to Colorado State. He appeared in 18 games over two years for the Cardinals and will now have one season of eligibility as a Ram. This is the second graduate transfer CSU has picked up with week.

Colorado State gets surprise QB commit

Remember KJ Carta-Samuels? Washington QB graduate transfer heading to UCLA? Yeah, he changed plans. Yeah, he changed plans in a major way.

Carta-Samuels is now taking his grad transfer to Colorado State. The Rams lost their quarterback to a knee injury a few weeks ago, and now they have another solution to take his place. Carta-Samuels was a career role player for the Huskies who is using his final year of college football to play in the Mountain West Conference. It will be interesting to hear what made him change his mind.