Grad Transfer season is at full speed

The grad transfers are coming in fast and frequent right now. We’re in a prime time for players to move - the season is over, but the next semester hasn’t started up just yet. Here’s what we’ve seen over the last 48 hours.

Committed Graduate Transfers:

KJ Osborn, WR, Miami (From Buffalo)

Matt Jones, OL, Youngstown St (FCS, From West Virginia)

Philip Walton, OL, Charlotte (From North Carolina St)

Potential Grad Transfers:

Zach Van Valkenburg, DL, Hillsdale (DII)

Josh Crawford, RB, Vanderbilt

Garrett Jansen, DL, Iowa

Rowan Godwin , DL, South Alabama

Maaseiah Francis, TE, South Alabama

Malik Lawal, LB, Arizona St

Jay Jay WIlson, LB, Arizona St

Damon Moore, DL, San Diego St

Austin Kendall, QB, Oklahoma

Vernon Grier, DB, North Carolina St