A slew of grad transfer commits

On Sunday, we said we expected grad transfer commits to slow down temporarily. That was a bad prediction. College football players have busy over the last couple of days, and we’ve seen a slew of commits. Here are the latest graduate transfers.

  • Ean Pfeifer, TE, Louisville (From Vanderbilt)

  • Tabari Hines, WR, NC State (From Oregon, 2018 Grad Transfer from Wake Forest)

  • Alex Gellerstedt, OL, Virginia (From Penn St)

  • Tom Stewart, QB, Rice (From Harvard, FCS)

  • Nolan Ulizio, OL, Pitt (From Michigan)

  • Justice Shelton-Mosley, WR, Vanderbilt (From Harvard, FCS)

  • Brett Kean, QB, Charlotte (From South Florida)

  • TJ McCoy, OL, Louisville (From Florida)

  • Walter Fletcher, RB, Ball St (From Edinboro, DII)

  • Siosi Mariner, WR, Utah St (From Utah)

  • Caleb Repp, DL/TE, Utah St (From Utah)

  • Eric Sachse, K, Boise St (From Trinity, DIII)

  • Ardell Brown, WR, UConn (From Seton Hill, DII)