Signing Day Activity

Today wasn’t just about future college football players. We saw quite a bit of activity in the grad transfer world, as teams look to solidify their rosters for next season.

Here’s all of the activity for today.

Committed Grad Transfers:

  • Riley Burt, RB, Utah St (From BYU)

  • Darius Fullwood, DL, Wlliiam & Mary (FCS, From Virginia Tech)

  • Cam Ordway, DB, Tennessee-Martin (FCS, From Ole Miss)

  • Antonio Parks, DB, Texas-San Antonio (From Arizona)

  • Dominic Sheppard, DL, Texas-San Antonio (From Virginia)

  • Brian Chaffin, OL, Rice (From Stanford)

  • Trey Harper, LS, Michigan (From Duqeusne, FCS)

  • DJ Wright, DB, Azusa Pacific (DII, From Boise St)

  • Corliss Waitman, P, Ole Miss (From South Alabama)

  • Trevon Hill, DL, Miami (From Virginia Tech)

And here are the graduate transfers added to the Potential Transfer List today.

  • Manny Miles, QB, North Carolina

  • Kanerga Daniel, DB, Kentucky

  • Lamarr Davis Jr, DL, Toledo

  • Gabe Sewell, LB, Nevada

  • Michael Rubino, K, Appalachian St

  • Keenan Barnes, WR, UL-Lafayette

  • Sam Pierce, DL, Monmouth (FCS)

More grad transfer commits

Tomorrow is the second national signing day, but plenty of grad transfers are making the news with their commits as well. Here are the latest college football players to take advantage of the graduate transfer rule.

  • Michael Sleep-Dalton, P, Iowa (From Arizona St)

  • Jordan McCray, WR, UNLV (From South Alabama)

  • Josh Weeks, TE, Stephen F Austin (FCS, From UTEP)

  • Micah Keels, DB, Eastern Kentucky (FCS, From Richmond, FCS)

  • Rowan Godwin, OL, Vanderbilt (From South Alabama)

  • Eddie Zinn-Turner, DL, Vanderbilt (From Marist, FCS)

  • Mike Beaudry, QB, UConn (From West Florida, DII)

  • Benjamin Knutson, OL, Tulane (From Virginia)

  • Chance Cook, DB, New Mexico St (From Oklahoma St)

Latest grad transfers on the potential list

Another signing day is upon us, and there are plenty of more players on the market. Here are the latest college football players to announce their intention to use the graduate transfer exemption.

Players using their grad transfer:

  • Pat Macon, LB, Oklahoma St

  • Reuben Jones, DL, Michigan

  • Eli Wolf, TE, Tennessee

  • Aaron Young, WR, Duke

  • Nathan Fox, LB, Northwestern

  • Terrell Chatman, WR, Arizona St

  • Durell Nash, LB, Murray st (FCS)

  • Corliss Waitman, P, South Alabama

  • Spencer Perry, DB, South Alabama

  • Tyler Bell, RB, Wake Forest

A slew of grad transfer commits

On Sunday, we said we expected grad transfer commits to slow down temporarily. That was a bad prediction. College football players have busy over the last couple of days, and we’ve seen a slew of commits. Here are the latest graduate transfers.

  • Ean Pfeifer, TE, Louisville (From Vanderbilt)

  • Tabari Hines, WR, NC State (From Oregon, 2018 Grad Transfer from Wake Forest)

  • Alex Gellerstedt, OL, Virginia (From Penn St)

  • Tom Stewart, QB, Rice (From Harvard, FCS)

  • Nolan Ulizio, OL, Pitt (From Michigan)

  • Justice Shelton-Mosley, WR, Vanderbilt (From Harvard, FCS)

  • Brett Kean, QB, Charlotte (From South Florida)

  • TJ McCoy, OL, Louisville (From Florida)

  • Walter Fletcher, RB, Ball St (From Edinboro, DII)

  • Siosi Mariner, WR, Utah St (From Utah)

  • Caleb Repp, DL/TE, Utah St (From Utah)

  • Eric Sachse, K, Boise St (From Trinity, DIII)

  • Ardell Brown, WR, UConn (From Seton Hill, DII)

This week's potential grad transfers

We saw plenty of grad transfer news in the college football world this week. There are some strong trends here, as several teams saw numerous players announce their intent to use the graduate transfer exemption. Such is the nature of college football. Here’s the list:

Colin Samuel, DB, UCLA

Brandon Stephens, RB, UCLA

Kanawai Noa, WR, UCLA

Josh Jackson, QB, Virginia Tech

Chris Cunningham, TE, Virginia Tech

Eric Kumah, WR, Virginia Tech

DeShawn McClease, RB, Virginia Tech

Jonah Jackson, OL, Rutgers

Max Anthony, RB, Rutgers

Nakia Griffin-Stewart, TE, Rutgers

Sammy Morrison, DB, Arizona

Reece Clark, QB, Oklahoma

Marshe Terry, LB, UConn

Nick Starkel, QB, Texas A&M

Hawk Schrider, LB, UT-Chattanooga

Parker Braun, OL, Georgia Tech

Mike Danna, DL, Central Michigan

Recapping this week's commits

With the spring semester underway almost everywhere, we’re seeing a slowdown in college football grad transfer commits. This should be the norm for the next couple of months, where players take a bit more time to make their decision without the pressure to enroll right away.

Here are the graduate transfer commits we saw this week:

Jay Jay Wilson, H-Back, Auburn (From Arizona State)

Torrence Brown, D-Line, Southern Mississippi (From Penn State)

Chigozie Nnoruka, D-Line, Miami (From UCLA)

Ryan Roberts, O-Line, Florida State (From Northern Illinois)

Updates to the Potential Transfer list

Here are the latest college football players we’ve added to the Potential Transfer list over the last few days. All of these guys are eligible for grad transfers.

Zech McPherson, DB, Penn St

Brandon Polk, WR, Penn St

Roe Wilkins, DL, Rice

DJ Morgan, LB, Notre Dame

Travon Hill, DL, Virginia Tech

Shane Buechele, QB, Texas

Khafari Buffalo, DB, The Citadel (FCS)

Walter Fletcher, RB, Edinboro (DII)

Audie Omotosho, WR, UCLA

Nick Harvey, DB South Carolina

Malik Psalms, LB, California

Willie Edwards, DB, Illinois St (FCS)

Jason Harris, DL, Illinois St (FCS)

An update on Grad Transfer commits

More college football players are announcing their grad transfer destinations. We saw quite a few high profile commits over the last few days - as guys a jump start on spring classes at their new schools.

Here are the graduate transfers we’ve seen commit over the last few days:

Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma (From Alabama)

Austin Kendall, QB, West Virginia (From Oklahoma)

Donald Rutledge, DB, Georgia Southern (From Savannah St, FCS)

Nick Ralston, RB, Louisiana (From Arizona St)

Jarvis Miller, LB, UMass (From Penn St)

Aaron WInchester, QB, Central Connecticut St (FCS, From Georgia St)

Shameik Blackshear, DL, TCU (From South Carolina)

Danny Dalton, TE, Boston College (From Penn St)

More grad transfers on the market

As many grad transfers commit and/or enroll, others are just starting to explore their options. Here’s a list of guys who have entered the college football transfer portal and/or have announced their intention to graduate transfer the last couple of days:

Juwan Johnson, WR, Penn St

Gage Gubrud, QB, Eastern Washington (FCS)

Mufi Hill-Hunt, DL, Michigan St

Jordan McCray, WR, South Alabama

Michael Sleep-Dalton, P, Arizona St

Nick Ralston, RB, Arizona St

Jacob Jiminez, OL, BYU

Ryan Alexander, OL, South Alabama

Benjamin Knutson, OL, Virginia

Hayden Mahoney, OL, Miami (FL)

Deontez Thompson, RB, Richmond (FCS)

Anthony Mariscal, RB, Arizona

Drew Richmond, OL, Tennessee

Nolan Ulizio, OL, Michigan

Ryan Roberts, OL, Northern Illinois

La’Michael Pettway, WR, Arkansas

Cameron Watkins, DB, Illinois

Ayron Monroe, DB, Penn St

Grad Transfer Commits

Semesters are starting up, and we’re seeing a number of grad transfers at new schools. Here are the latest batch of college football players to use their graduate transfer exception and join a new school:

JC Robles, QB, West Florida (DII, From Colorado St)

Jaunta’vius Johnson, DL, Colorado (From Auburn)

Austin Dorris, TE, Bowling Green (From Indiana)

Brandom Feamster, DB, Richmond (FCS, From Duke)

Richie Pettibon, OL, Illinois (From Alabama)

Micah Dew-Treadway, DL, Minnesota (From Notre Dame)

Alex Galland, K/P, Yale (FCS, From San Jose St)

Brandon Wimbush, QB, Central Florida (From Notre Dame)

Grad Transfer season is at full speed

The grad transfers are coming in fast and frequent right now. We’re in a prime time for players to move - the season is over, but the next semester hasn’t started up just yet. Here’s what we’ve seen over the last 48 hours.

Committed Graduate Transfers:

KJ Osborn, WR, Miami (From Buffalo)

Matt Jones, OL, Youngstown St (FCS, From West Virginia)

Philip Walton, OL, Charlotte (From North Carolina St)

Potential Grad Transfers:

Zach Van Valkenburg, DL, Hillsdale (DII)

Josh Crawford, RB, Vanderbilt

Garrett Jansen, DL, Iowa

Rowan Godwin , DL, South Alabama

Maaseiah Francis, TE, South Alabama

Malik Lawal, LB, Arizona St

Jay Jay WIlson, LB, Arizona St

Damon Moore, DL, San Diego St

Austin Kendall, QB, Oklahoma

Vernon Grier, DB, North Carolina St

Jalen Hurts and other grad transfer news

Another big name grad transfer is reported to be on the market. Jalen Hurts, the Alabama QB who has seen more than his share of glory over the last three seasons, has put his name in the NCAA official transfer portal. Expect him to have many, many suitors.

But there are other guys who are also on the graduate transfer market who deserve the attention to. Here’s who else we’ve seen in the last 24 hours:

Riley Burt, RB, BYU

Donovan Harris, DB, Lehigh (FCS)

Jonathan Greenard, RB, Florida (from Louisville) - A grad transfer reported last month is finally official!

All kinds of grad transfer news

The college football season is over on the playing field, but the roster action never stops. Grad transfers are flowing in and lots of decisions are being made. Here’s what we’ve seen the last couple of days:

No Longer Considered A Graduate Transfer:

Tyree Jackson, QB, Buffalo has been removed from the Potential Transfers list. He has declared for the NFL draft.

Grad Transfer Commits:

AD Miller, WR, Illinois (From Oklahoma)

Drayton Arnold, QB, UT-Chattanooga (FCS, From Old Dominion)

Potential Graduate Transfers:

TJ Holl, LB, Colgate (FCS)

Isaiah Armstrong, DB, BYU

Dominic Sheppard, LB, Virginia

Oluwole Betiku, LB, USC

Sean Hammonds, DL, Ball St

Zach Abercrumia, DL, Rice

Siaosi Mariner, WR, Utah

Updates to the potential transfer list

The holidays are over and so are the college football bowl games. And so grad transfer season is taking over.

Here are the latest players to announce their intent to graduate transfer.

Charlie Booker, RB, Harvard

Colin Byrne, OL, Syracuse (Graduate transfer not certain, but eligible)

Brandon Wimbush, QB, Notre Dame (Certain to be one of the most sought after grad transfers this off-season)

Micah Dew-Treadway, DL, Notre Dame

Chigozie Nnoruka, DL, UCLA

RJ Proctor, OL, Virginia

Holiday break grad transfers

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! Not surprisingly, the graduate transfers kept coming in during the most wonderful time of the year (Bowl Week). Here are the college football players who have most recently decided to take their grad transfers.

Josh Weeks, TE, UTEP

Trey Smith, RB, Louisville

Brandon Stephens, RB, UCLA

Andrew Strauch, K, UCLA

Jonathan Greenard, DL, Louisville

Brett Kean, QB, South Florida

Chris Oladokun, QB, South Florida

Tyree Jackson, QB, Buffalo

KJ Osborn, WR, Buffalo

Christian Alexander, QB, FIU

Shameik Blackshear, DL, South Carolina

Lawrence Cager, WR, Miami (FL)

Grad Transfers have their day

In case you missed it, and if you’re visiting our site, we doubt you did, today was National Signing Day for college football. We saw a few grad transfers claim their roster spots. These guys will likely be heading to their new teams for the spring semester. But this isn’t the end of graduate transfer season. It’s only just beginning. Here are commits from today:

Michael Hinton, DL, UConn (From Columbia - FCS)

Art Thompkins, RB, UCONN (From Toledo)

James Gilbert, RB, Kansas St (From Ball St)

Tommy Kennedy, OL, Miami (From Butler - FCS)

Nick Leverett, OL, Rice (From North Carolina Central - FCS)

Jacob Capra, OL, San Diego St (From Oregon)

Happy signing day eve!

It’s one of the most exciting days in college football - National Signing Day - and grad transfers get to play their part. They don’t sign letters of intent, but we saw plenty of activity around signing day as coaches put their rosters together.

That said, we’ve been seeing activity in the days leading up to it.

Here are the latest commits:

Jordan Hayes, DB, Central Florida (formerly Duke)

Riley Neal, QB, Vanderbilt (formerly Ball St)

And here are those who intend to take a graduate transfer:

Eddie Zinn-Turner, DL, Marist

Alex Galland, P, Yale

Art Thompkins, RB, Toledo

Sihiem King, RB, Kentucky

Check back tomorrow - we’ll be updating the site if any more grad transfer commits roll in.

More commitment news

Now that the fall semester is over for just about everyone, we’re seeing a number of college football players who are announcing their grad transfer destinations. The four guys who we’ve added to the committed list over the last couple of days will be eligible to participate in spring practice for their new teams - if they’re eligible. Here are the names:

Christian Montano, OL, Brown to Tulane

Quinn Oseland, OL, Minnesota to San Jose St

Jared Southers, OL, Vanderbilt to Georgia Tech (Had previously committed to Temple as a grad transfer)

Jalen Harris, TE, Auburn to Colorado